What Certification Do You Need to Be a Spin Instructor?

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Have you fallen in love with the high intensity of a well-instructed spin class? Does your instructor rev you up and get you to break fitness plateaus you never thought you would get over?

If you have a spin instructor that you love working out with and wondered how they get the entire spin class to reach their absolute performance peak, then maybe you should consider spin class instructor training.

The instructor accreditation training at Cycle Collective is some of the country’s best. The spin class instructor training that is nationally accredited for fitness instructors, fitness professionals, and those that want to expand their professional fitness portfolio.

Spin class instructors are in high demand, whether in a live spin room or remotely online. So why not start your journey to a rewarding new career path, whether for additional income or just the passion for the pedals!

However, what certification do you need to be a spin instructor? Well, you’ve come to the right place; read on to learn more.

Nationally accredited spin instructor certification

Being an accredited spin class instructor is a rewarding job that can benefit your health and fitness as much as the class members, allowing you to be flexible with your work hours or continue with your other fitness endeavours.

What are the benefits of becoming a spin instructor?

Becoming a spin instructor can add another dimension to your fitness career, whether new to the fitness industry or an experienced professional.

The benefits of becoming a qualified spin instructor include:

  • Expanding your knowledge of the physiology and biomechanics of cycle training
  • Added qualifications to your fitness portfolio
  • Getting paid to improve your fitness levels while helping others achieve the same
  • Inspiring people to get into shape and live life to the fullest

Our spin class instructor training is 100% online and is completed at your own pace. The course can be done in approximately six to eight hours, meaning you can complete it in a day or space it out over time.

At the end of our intuitive, self-paced online course, you will have learnt:

  • The principles of fitness training
  • The physiology of cycling
  • Bike fitness and bicycling biomechanics
  • The concepts of ‘power’, how it is measured, and why it is needed in a spin class.
  • The principles of cadence, heart rate, power and RPE
  • Fitness measures, like heart rate, perceived exertion, and how to monitor progress.
  • Determining client’s baseline fitness
  • Effective class programming.
  • How to run fun, engaging sessions for your clients
  • Maximising cycling performance and injury prevention
  • How music affects fitness performance and more

Our spin class instructor training will also show you how to inspire your class, helping each spin student reach and transcend their performance expectations and fitness results.

For more information about Cycling Collective’s 100% online, on-demand, nationally accredited spin class instructor training, contact us today via phone or email or enrol here online.

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