Our Story

“Our mission at Collective OnDemand is to inspire you to be the fittest version of yourself - delivering immersive, motivating in studio experience” workouts to improve your strength and your fitness, anytime, anywhere."
Adam Pearson
Founder of Cycle Collective

Our Story

Founded in 2020, Collective On Demand was inevitable.
However, its wast until COVID-19 that the vision became clear.

Since 2014, Cycle Collective – the leading performance indoor cycling studio in Melbourne, Australia has been motivating riders, filling studio classes, training for indoor and outdoor cycling events and educating instructors. Cycle Collective has always focused on great music, top level audio quality and world class coaching standards.
The instructors at Cycle Collective are some of the best in the world, and world class instructors don’t rely on visual demonstration to coach effectively
And so Collective OnDemand – Audio Training – was born.

The next step was to incorporate a language that everyone can understand and to build a platform that gave access to train anywhere, anytime and On Demand at a price that supported anyone to join, anywhere in the world. All that is needed is a phone or ipad , possibly a set of headphones, access to a stationary bike and the active choice to improve fitness. Just choose your instructor, choose your ride time, and press play.

Collective On Demand is cycling based for now, but stayed tuned for On Demand Running & Rowing coming to your PLAY button soon.