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    <p><!-- wp:paragraph --></p> <p>Not only does the team at Collective On Demand love riding bikes, but we love to also love supporting others to get fit and feel great whilst riding or training on a bike, especially for a good cause.</p> <p><!-- /wp:paragraph --><!-- wp:paragraph --></p> <p>When we heard about the initiative of the Bays Wish boutique ride through some of Victoria’s best regional cycling routes and the fundraising activities to help bring wishes to sick children, we wanted to help.</p> <p><!-- /wp:paragraph --><!-- wp:paragraph --></p> <p>Collective On Demand has and continues to support other worthy cycling and fundraising initiatives including the Amy Gillett Foundation, Tour De Cure and Silver Lining Rides, so it is logical we choose to support Bays’ Wish Cycling Event.<br /><br />For those who need a little more inspiration to get the “training right” we have created On Demand Audio indoor Cycling/Spin classes.</p> <p><!-- /wp:paragraph --><!-- wp:paragraph --></p> <p><!-- wp:paragraph --></p> <p> </p> <p><!-- /wp:paragraph --></p>
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    Great Ocean and Otway Classic Ride, 2021

    <p><!-- wp:paragraph --></p> <p><span style="font-weight: 400;">We are very pleased to be the Virtual Training Partner for Great Ocean & Otway Classic Ride, 2021</span></p> <p><span style="font-weight: 400;">Collective OnDemand and Cycle Collective have created a 6 week cycling training program </span></p> <p><span style="font-weight: 400;">Weekly indoor & outdoor training sessions specifically designed for effective, efficient training to improve your Strength, Power and Endurance helping you to sail around your chosen course on April 24th</span></p>
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    HIIT Training

    <div class="custom_font_holder"> <p>Sub 30 minutes sessions to get your workout done fast with all killer no filler. Get the most out of your spin bike audio session.</p> </div>
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    On-Demand Combined Sessions

    All the On Demand Sessions in one place.
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    Online Indoor Cycling Course

    <p>A 100% online course designed by leading experienced indoor cycling/spin instructors and sports scientists that work in the industry, love the industry and fill classes every week!</p>
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    Peaks Challenge 2021

    <p><!-- wp:paragraph --></p> <p>Collective On Demand is very excited be working with Bicycle Network and Stephen Lane to support 16 week indoor rider  training for 3 Peaks 2021</p> <p>As a preferred training partner, Collective On Demand has re-created 2 x  weekly sessions based on Stephens Intermediate Training Program into OnDemand Audio training workouts with accompanying easy access Zwift files ( to our knowledge, this is a world first!)</p> <p>This means, you can train at home, anytime,  effectively and efficiently whilst the OnDemand Coaches motivate you to keep the right intensity, at the right times for the right duration, to get maximum benefits from your indoor sessions.</p> <p>Each session is accompanied by awesome playlist, mixed by local Melbourne DJ's and mastered by one of Melbourne's top audio engineers, bringing you the highest standards of immersive training  for both sound and visually, to get the km done. </p> <p><br /><!-- /wp:paragraph --></p> <p><br /><!-- /wp:paragraph --></p>
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    Sweat Training

    Sub hour guided audio sessions with industry professionals targeting specific training methods to help you get the maximum outcome for your sweat time