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0002: Zwifters Series Sample

Chris 27 September 2020
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Instructor:            Adam
Duration:              44 minutes 09 Seconds
Training Outcome :     Power
Relative Effort:       Medium-Hard
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How do I get started with Zwift ? :


  • Press TAB on your keyboard, not straight away ( desktop / laptop ) or
  • Swipe RIGHT on your ZWIFT COMPANION on the warm-up interval ( you will need Zwift Companion on your Phone iOS / Play Store )
  • If you need any further help, simply click to message me

Workout Info:

No Zwift…….No problems……Everything is as per usual !

The session is a rinse and repeat with each of the 5 sets being 7.5 mins long.

Within each set there are 3 intervals. The first is short and hard, the next is a little longer with less intensity and the third is dropping into a steady state and holding tempo for 4 mins.

So………really…… is a continuous roll from start to finish

 1 = Easy & 10 is Max