Peaks Challenge 2021

Beginning November, 2020

Not only does the team at Collective On Demand love riding bikes, but we love to also love supporting others to get fit and feel great, achieve personal milestones, finish events and whilst riding or training on a bike.  

Collective On Demand & Cycle Collective has and continues to support other worthy cycling events including the Amy Gillett Foundation and Tour De Cure, Giro Della Donna & Silver Lining Ride.

Collective On Demand is very excited be working with Bicycle Network and Stephen Lane to support 16 week indoor rider  training for 3 Peaks 2021

As a preferred training partner, Collective On Demand has re-created 2 x  weekly sessions based on Stephens Intermediate Training Program into OnDemand Audio training workouts with accompanying easy access Zwift files ( to our knowledge, this is a world first!)

This means, you can train at home, anytime,  effectively and efficiently whilst the OnDemand Coaches motivate you to keep the right intensity, at the right times for the right duration, to get maximum benefits from your indoor sessions.

Each session is accompanied by awesome playlist, mixed by local Melbourne DJ’s and mastered by one of Melbourne’s top audio engineers, bringing you the highest standards of immersive training  for both sound and visually, to get the km done. 

We have made it really easy to do it, just log into the On Demand site on your device, choose your session, follow the steps start the Zwift file, press play and get riding.

For ease, the sessions are based on Rate of Perceived Effort ( from a 1-10 scale) but once your FTP is set on your smart trainer, the Zwift file will do alter the appropriate resistance for you.

The program includes four main phases: Base, Build, Recover Focus (and taper) and begins on November 16th finishing on March 7th 2021. 

Session times are from 30  minutes – 1:15 hours

How did you get this to work ?

Please check out our how to video here.

Sign Up is easy just click this link and you’re done

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Peaks Challenge 2021