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Instructor:            Adam
Duration:              60 minutes 
Training Outcome :     Strength and Endurance
Music:                 Groovy Electronic
Relative Effort:       Easy- Medium
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Press Play & Get Rollin’ 

How do I get started with Zwift ? :


  • To make sure the music and the instruction line up with the Zwift session, the instructor will guide you, at the perfect time too:
  • Press TAB on your keyboard (desktop / laptop ) or
  • Swipe RIGHT on your ZWIFT COMPANION on the warm-up interval ( you will need Zwift Companion on your Phone iOS / Play Store )
  • If you need any further help, simply click to message me

Workout Info:

No Zwift… No problems.. Everything is as per usual !

The purpose of this session is to build base Strength & Fitness.

As we build our base – there are 2 key components to our training – building STRENGTH and building the ENGINE (improved Cardiovascular fitness ).

When training for STRENGTH on a bike, the key focus is to keep the CAD low (or SLOW)

This session is intended to be sustained, steady and uninterrupted.

  • 4 repeats of 10 minute efforts each with the goal to slightly increase the intensity with each repeat, Effort levels at mid- upper Zone 2 or 70 – 75% of FTP or RPE 4 /10
  • Between each effort take a 2 minute recovery at an intensity to allowing your to be ready for the next effort – lower Zone 2 or 55-60% of FTP or RPE 2-3 /10

Keep your cadence/rpm as low as you can manage. This should be in
the range of 50 to 60 rpm.

 RPE: 1 = Easy & 10 is Max

Keep your focus and roll on’