Amy’s Grand Fondo Training – 4 Weeks.

We are proud to be the Virtual Training Partner for Amy Gillett Foundation in 2020 with  funds directly supporting the Foundation.

We can assure you, there is lots of riding and dancing going on behind the scenes!!

Weekly training sessions are designed to improve your Strength, Power and Endurance getting you ready for Amy Gillett Virtual Fondo Event Day on November 1st and beyond

Adam ·29 May 2020

Each week , over 4 weeks, you will have On Demand access to 2 new HIIT session and 2 new Sweat sessions

HIIT – the short stuff

  • 15 – 30 minutes
  • High Intensity
  • Designed to get you fitter, faster
  • Focused on anaerobic energy to improve Power, Speed & Strength

SWEAT – the longer stuff

  • 40 plus minute
  • Designed to improve your cardiovascular fitness
  • Based on aerobic energy and will improve your Endurance & Strength
  • Focused on training your body to be more efficient

The first short introduction audio describes the training styles of the sessions, instructor language, why CAD/RPM is important and the styles of training designed to elicit targeted outcomes. Give that a quick listen before getting started.

All you need to do now, is jump on the bike, choose your session, press play and get rollin’

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